viziunea panterei mov asupra panterei, movului, viziunii…etc

firesc, e despre mine, minunata, colorata, importanta, socanta, enumeranta pantera mov. si lucruri pe langa.

si uite-asa.. iulie 12, 2008

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Shit happens. apparently according to a painfully well established, well-argumented, implacable, master plan. yep, shit has its own master plan. i, for one, don’t, but then again, i’m not so often invoked by people. don’t be fooled, there is no umbrella large enough to protect you from shit, once the downpour starts. i’m in a privileged position right now, i’m even with the universe, it’s a tie, so i smell nice for now. back to you, shit!

…am ramas singura.


2 Responses to “si uite-asa..”

  1. Arina Says:

    pai nu are rost sa ne impotrivim…the shit is here and we must accept it…as a a trend…as an old memoriaaaaa….

  2. iulia Says:

    the shit asta actioneaza pe sistemu’ „I’m coming up on infrared, forget your running, I will find you.”
    asta daca tot am ajuns la capitolu’ citate adolescentine din melodii de suferinta :))

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